Nueva guía del votante en español para elegir jueces en Florida

judge hand with gavel(See English version below).- Gracias la Cuban American Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados Cubanoamericanos), los votantes tienen disponible ahora la “Guía para los votantes de Florida”.

El brochure disponible en español informa sobre las elecciones judiciales y responde preguntas como ¿Qué diferencia hay entre un juez de condado, un juez de circuito y un juez de apelaciones?, ¿Qué es una elección “no partidista”?, ¿Qué hace exactamente un juez? o ¿Por qué en la Florida los jueces de condado y de circuito son elegidos?

Si usted o su organización necesita el brochure para eventos como foro de candidatos, contacte a Anna Marie “Annie” Hernandez, presidenta de la Cuban American Bar Association, escribiéndole a

Si desea leer el brochure presione aquí. Las fechas de las elecciones son agosto 30 y noviembre 8. El voto por mérito es en noviembre.




The “Guide for Florida Voters,” an informative brochure about judicial elections in the state, is now available in Spanish (“Guía para los Votantes de la Florida”), thanks to a grant from the Cuban American Bar Association.

The 2016 guide has answers to questions such as: What is the difference between a county and circuit court judge and an appellate judge? Why is it important to vote in judicial elections and merit retention elections? What exactly does a judge do?

If you would like printed copies of the brochure in Spanish for a social organization or for an event such as a candidate forum, contact Anna Marie “Annie” Hernandez, president of the Cuban American Bar Association, at

“The Cuban American Bar Association recognizes the importance of informing voters about the judiciary and judicial elections,” Hernandez said. “That’s why we partner with The Florida Bar to print the Voter Guide in Spanish and distribute it. We want to get the word out.”

To receive the “Guide for Florida Voters” in English, email

The “Guide for Florida Voters” is an important part of The Florida Bar’s efforts to educate voters about the judicial elections. You also can find both English and Spanish versions at “The Vote’s in Your Court” page is a go-to source for information on judicial elections, with bios of Florida Supreme Court justices and District Court of Appeal judges up for merit retention votes as well as self-disclosure statements from candidates for county and circuit court judge.

On Aug. 15, a ballot will be mailed to in-state Florida Bar members, asking their opinions on the three state Supreme Court justices and 28 appellate court judges up for merit retention votes. Results of the poll will be published in mid-September.

Election dates this year are Aug. 30 and Nov. 8. All county and circuit judicial races appear on the primary ballot, with runoffs in November. The merit retention vote is in November.


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