1 in 4 healthcare workers quitting over vaccine mandates will leave the profession

As more states, private employers, and large healthcare systems institute policies to encourage vaccinations, many reluctant employees are finally getting the shot in order to protect their jobs. However, a notable percentage of the population would prefer to lose their jobs rather than get what they view as a potentially dangerous injection.

This is a particularly murky problem when it comes to healthcare workers, who interact with some of the most vulnerable members of the population and also have such a specific set of job skills. We surveyed over 300 healthcare workers who have quit their jobs due to the vaccine mandates to find out how they planned to move forward in their careers.

We discovered that:

  • 26% of these healthcare workers will choose to leave the field entirely
  • Of those who plan to remain in healthcare, 79% say they are having a hard time finding a job that does not require them to get the vaccine
  • 75% of those staying in healthcare have considered moving to find a job without a vaccine mandate, with nearly a third saying Florida would be their state of choice

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