5 super apps for the modern supermom

Modern moms are on the go at all times, no matter their children’s age—whether they’re changing diapers, shuttling little ones back and forth from school, or grabbing groceries for the family, it’s pretty much nonstop.  No secrets there.

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It’s also no secret that technology, like smartphones, can make life easier. In fact, 90 percentof millennial moms would tell you that they couldn’t imagine parenting without their smartphone and trusty parenting apps.

So, how do they do it? Below, we’ve rounded up our top five apps that can help any modern mom parent like a pro.

supermom jfdjfklShipt. www.shipt.com

Let’s face it, braving the aisles of the grocery store with screaming kids in tow is the stuff of nightmares. Thanks to Shipt, a grocery delivery app that is transforming the shopping experience, modern moms across the country can order fresh groceries from the comfort of their own home with the simply click of a button. Awesome.


supermom suhasBaby Bundle. www.getbabybundle.com

Managing a million schedules is for administrative wizards, not the modern mom. Enter Baby Bundle: an efficiency app that does everything but change the diapers for you. This tracking tool can help moms keep up with doctor’s appointments, catalog health information, and can even access your baby’s video monitor. Yes, please.


supermom893ekfAllowance & Chores Bot. https://apple.co/1WLZwsG (iTunes)

Remember the dreaded chore chart? Yikes. The Allowance & Chores Bot brings chore management into the digital age, allowing kids to check off their chores to receive their allowance. The app also helps modern moms teach money management to children by keeping track of their spending and savings. Fancy!


supermom 283032Shuddle. www.shuddle.us

Any modern mom knows what “minivan mayhem” is. It’s undesirable and it usually leaves a mess. Shuddle is an uber-esque app that can take care of driving around your kids, when needed. Simply submit a ride request, receive a detailed bio about your driver and leave your worries behind as Shuddle’s chauffeurs—who have passed detailed background checks—safely take your kids to their destination. #freethevan

supermom 054u5nfMomMaps. www.mommaps.com

Boredom. The greatest fear of both modern moms and children alike. MomMaps is a handy app that helps find fun, kid-friendly locations near you when boredom strikes. With over 28,000 locations stored, chances are there will be a new adventure you can take your kids on just around the corner! As we know, choices are a mom’s best friend.


Have fun Super Mommys!

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