8 must-have products all made right here in the USA

  1. PATH (Starting at $3, available on drinkpath.com)

If you’re always on the go and love the convenience of plastic water bottles but are looking for a solution to reduce waste, then check out PATH! An innovative, environmentally-friendly water bottle where you won’t have to give up your grab-and-go stash due to their refillable bottled water. You can also check out their limited-edition Made in the USA bottle ahead of Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Each bottle sold will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project (with a minimum donation of $50,000). Learn more at drinkpath.com

  1. Baby Fire Pits (starting at $74.99, available on babyfirepits.com)

This summer if you’re planning on having backyard cookouts, hanging out on the porch, or just looking for a mini twist on an outdoor fire pit, then check out Baby Fire Pits! Made from gorgeous copper and durable steel, you can either have a special design or pick from a colorful collection! Baby Fire Pits are designed to be used with an odorless, smokeless, and nontoxic gel fuel making it perfect for covered porches, outdoor umbrellas, ceilings, kitchen tables and more! Learn more at babyfirepits.com.

  1. ThatBlanket (Starting at $79.99, available at thatblanket.com)

Cozying up by the outdoor fire, bringing along on a road trip, or even just to have around the house, ThatBlanket is unlike any other blanket. This unique keepsake blanket that brings your personal memories and stories to life! ThatBlanket makes it easy to make a statement by transforming your most sentimental photos into gorgeous, ultra-soft and cuddly, photo blankets printed and produced in the USA. The blankets are unbelievably soft and warm, plus the photos are high quality and vibrant! Learn more at thatblanket.com.

  1. In Good Taste ($65 for 8 samples, available at ingoodtaste.com)

For all the wine lovers out there, you can explore a variety of fine wines from California vineyards with In Good Taste! In Good Taste offers an innovative experience that delivers small batches of wine in chic single-glass decorative bottles directly to your door. You can taste different wines without having to waste a full bottle! Through In Good Taste, you can even join a complimentary virtual tasting session with friends. Then once you find a kind you like, you can buy full sized bottles. Learn more at ingoodtaste.com.

  1. Lemonade Pursuits (Starting at $20, available at lemondepursuits.com)

Discover the serenity that busy hands and a free mind can bring with the peaceful and captivating creations from Lemonade Pursuits. Whether it’s through their gorgeous puzzles, art kits, or paint-by-number projects, this woman-owned brand is bringing inner peace and is proud to exclusively offer products made in the USA. Lemonade Pursuits’ thoughtful crafts are great for an upcoming road trip, a screen-free activity for the kids, or if you just want to channel your inner peace. Learn more at lemonadepursuits.com.

  1. DoggieLawn (starting at $26, Available on DoggieLawn.com & Amazon)

Instead of a blue, odor-prone eyesore, DoggieLawn founders wanted a potty spot they all could adore–from the look to the smell to the impact it would make on the environment and so DoggieLawn was born! DoggieLawn is an eco-friendly grass-based bathroom solution for indoor pets. It gives your pet the perfect spot to “go” whether you’re in an apartment, house, RV, on vacation, or have a balcony/patio. Plus, it has real grass that helps neutralize odors! Learn more at doggielawn.com.

  1. Uniqurl (Starting at $16, available on uniqurl.com and at Sally’s Beauty Supply)

Uniqurl founder Alexis Stanley knew there had to be a solution to her hair breakage but after no luck finding one, she created one and Uniqurl was born! Uniqurl is the break-through solution in the beauty space that specializes in delivering exactly what Type 4 hair craves: moisture, definition, shine, and a simplified wash day routine. Made in the midwest, Uniqurl formulas are clean and free of harmful ingredients which will leave your hair feeling and smelling amazing! Learn more at uniqurl.com. 

  1. DNA Vibe ($249, available on dnavibe.com)

Between summer hikes, workout classes, or even just too long on your feet, when your joints and muscles are working hard they deserve better than ice packs and ibuprofen, they deserve DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band! Discover the future of drug-free pain relief with DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band. The Jazz Band is the first direct-to-consumer device to use intelligent light therapy to relieve your aches and pains and speed up your recovery. Light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses safe levels of red light, near infrared light, and magnetic signals for relieving muscle and joint discomfort, improving circulation, and promoting muscle relaxation. Learn more at dnavibe.com.

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