Akiba African Wood Furniture Launches U.S. Showroom in Dania Beach with Champagne Celebration

On Saturday, Akiba African Wood Furniture hosted an exclusive champagne reception to celebrate the launch of its U.S. Showroom in Dania Beach.

Special Guests included Gabonese Minister of Water, Forests, the Sea, and Environment, Prof. Lee White and Mayor of Dania Beach Tamara James. Additionally, famed landscape architect Nathan Browning — known for designing the residence of the President of Gabon and various Aman properties worldwide — joined Akiba in celebrating its new flagship. 

Akiba African Wood Furniture is inspired by the natural beauty of the country’s tropical rainforests. The brand aims to champion a new industry for sustainable African timber, producing premium furniture made locally in Nkok, Gabon, with the utmost respect for nature, conservation, and the community.

Designed by Akiba, the showroom has an area of 6,500 square feet, divided into various distinct spaces. The layout is intentionally designed for displays to showcase the versatility of Akiba’s iconic products. The unique collection features live edge tables and contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture and fixtures that transform any space into a reflection of elegance, integrity, and sustainability.

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