Column: The beginning and the end

By Adriana Carrera *
I was watching The Chosen and in one scene Mary gave to Mary Magdalene the cloth that covers Jesus when he was born. I remembered the cloth where He was put when He died on the cross for us.
A question came to my mind:
What cloth would you prefer? The one from the beginning or the one in the end?
I said to myself, “the ending one”.
But without a beginning there is no end.
People say that things that begin bad end bad. Of course if they are referring to sin, the payment of sin is death.
But God says something different. No matter what happened to you or what you have done in the past. Even what your parents or grandparents did. What matters is what He says over you. And what He did for you!
Christmas represents all the new things that God brings to us in his sacrifice. It’s being born with a purpose and dying for it. It’s dying so you and I can have a fresh beginning and, if we don’t grow apart from Him, have a great ending.
But we need to die to the flesh and be born again. Dying every day to ourselves since the day you believed truly in Him and what He did at Calvary.
God didn’t come to condemn us but to bring His kingdom to us. That is a different order. As soon as we realize that our eternal life was bought for us on the cross, we run to Him in gratefulness.
God gave us life from the beginning. Let God determine our ending.
*Writer, editor and founder of this magazine

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Adriana Carrera
Periodista y editora de medios hispanos en EE.UU. desde 1996. Ganadora de varios premios Oro de la NAHP por sus reportajes de negocios y educación.

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