Enhancing Leadership and Developmental Skills for Latino Elected Officials

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund and State Farm released the following statement from NALEO Educational Fund CEO Arturo Vargas and State Farm Vice President and Counsel and NALEO Board Member Michelle Mancias on the company’s $565,000 grant to NALEO Educational Fund and the collaboration between the two organizations in support of various programming opportunities for Latino elected and appointed officials to better foster resilient communities:
“As NALEO Educational Fund continues our work providing Latino leaders throughout the country with professional development, we are thrilled to have a committed partner in State Farm that believes in our mission,” stated NALEO Educational Fund CEO Arturo Vargas. “From our policy convenings to the array of other programs for NALEO members, ensuring that Latino leaders remain at the forefront of cutting-edge policy solutions is paramount to the success of the nation — and we are thankful to State Farm for sharing that vision.”
The renewed collaboration for 2022 reflects State Farm’s legacy of care and coincides with the company’s 100-year anniversary of being a good neighbor to the community.
The State Farm grant will support the following NALEO Educational Fund programs:
Emergency Preparedness for 21st Century Hazards:
This initiative, occurring during the 10th anniversary of NALEO Educational Fund’s emergency preparedness work, enhances Latino policymakers’ ability to confront the convergence of multiple emergencies, whether man-made, natural disasters, or public health-related, and enhances the resiliency of their communities’ infrastructure.
Latino Economic Mobility and Workforce Economies
This initiative equips Latino policymakers with the skills and knowledge to develop policies that will promote job growth while also ensuring the Latino community’s access to economic mobility.
Leadership Development and Governance
This initiative provides Latino policymakers with professional development training centered on core leadership development and governance skills, such as finance and budgeting, ethics, messaging, communications, and navigating politics and processes.
NALEO 39th Annual Conference – Community Service Project
This conference-based service project engages NALEO members from across the country to benefit a local organization or project addressing the needs of vulnerable or underserved community members.
“For the past 100 years, State Farm has been making a positive difference in communities where we live and work,” stated State Farm Vice President and Counsel Michele Mancias. “We are thankful for our long-standing support of the NALEO Educational Fund efforts to help educate Latino elected and appointed officials make an impact in their communities.”

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