InstaBrew Launches Innovative Coffee and Tea Cubes

InstaBrew, a coffee and tea brand like no other, is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, on-demand coffee cubes, in honor of National Coffee Day on September 29th and International Coffee Day on October 1st. Convenience meets the highest standard of all-natural ingredients, with each cube possessing the richest flavor profile in the industry, and slightly sweetened with natural, unprocessed raw sugar cane, InstaBrew is easily the future of delectable, homemade coffee and tea.

InstaBrew has actively worked to develop a product that is revolutionary within the coffee and tea industry. The long awaited free samples of the “instant” coffee and tea cubes will hit the market Wednesday, September 29th, with coffee lovers only having to pay for shipping and handling. Alongside this, InstaBrew is eager to announce the release of their new promotional video highlighting the convenience and individuality behind each coffee and tea cube.

Most notably, the brand will feature its release of unique coffee and tea flavors, all in a flattering cube form, to the InstaBrew product family. The coffee cubes are made from 100% on-demand Colombian coffee, giving you the wonders of using new techniques yet adding simplicity to your cup. These specialty coffee & tea cubes will be available for purchase on their website in November of 2021.

InstaBrews products have been in the works for two years and they have developed every element of the brand to create a product that elevates both the beverage, coffee and tea industry alike. InstaBrew cubes are the future of homemade coffee and tea, and one that you can easily make anywhere you go. The state-of-the-art idea behind coffee and tea cubes is not only delicious, but allows individuals to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea anywhere in the world.

Jimmy Avendano, InstaBrew co-founder and Vice President, on the exciting launch of the coffee cubes, “Coffee is much more than a baked good companion, or source of natural energy. Coffee is a human connection, a transporter of information, a bridge to beautiful moments, conversation and full of nostalgic flavors and aromas. Our cubes were developed to be there in the most convenient and consistent manner. We truly deliver a beverage that will enhance human experiences and moments. We are very proud of the product that we created and are super excited to create long lasting relationships with consumers around the world. We are not here to disrupt traditions; we are here to compliment with culture, quality and love.”

The announcement of InstaBrew’s coffee and tea cubes is sure to thrill all coffee and tea lovers seeking the highest quality ingredients and the beauty of convenience in one complimentary cube. However, this is only the start for InstaBrew. There is more to come as they continue on their quest for additional unique and delicious products to add to the InstaBrew family.


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