Mom to be? New to motherhood? no worries, here are some tips to be fit

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Mother’s Day is almost here and health consciousness is a priority for busy moms. More than ever we see how despite their busy lives, exercising is a constant goal, but sometimes they need a little push.

Brian Zehetner, Planet Fitnessdirector of health & fitness, shares workout tips* tailored for women across various life stages in celebration of Mother’s Day (and beyond). Zehetner’s tips include:

1.- Moms-To-Be: Women who are expecting don’t need to shy away from exercising responsibly. Even if you haven’t worked out regularly, it’s okay to start and increase your activity level over time as long as it’s approved by your physician. Specifically, combining cardio and light strength training has many benefits. Even exercises involving the core abdominal muscles and squats – often considered no-no’s during pregnancy – are okay for both mom-to-be and baby. Just be sure to avoid lying on your back when working the stomach.

2.-Entering Motherhood: Don’t stress about sticking to a workout regimen at this stage. New moms can gently ease into exercise in the weeks following delivery by simply moving around, whether on a treadmill or in the great outdoors. Once cleared by a physician for more rigorous exercise, dive into a program at a slightly lower intensity, then gradually increase that intensity over time. For example, Planet Fitness offers training sessions for small groups (free for all members) that are fun, full-body workouts led by certified trainers

3.- Moms on the Go: For busy moms with active kids, sometimes it feels like you’re their personal chauffeur 24/7 – from dropping them off at school in the morning to picking them up from soccer practice at night. Don’t miss a minute of their day while still making time for yourself by getting in a quick circuit training session that hits all major body parts. To help you get in and get out, check out the dedicated space within every Planet Fitness that features a guided 30-Minute Express Circuit and includes a mixture of strength training and aerobic exercises. An added bonus is that many Planet Fitness locations are open 24/7 so you can go when your busy schedule allows.

The gym is offering South Florida moms and everyone to jumpstart their springtime routines for just $5 down (enrollment fee), then $10 a month with no commitment. The promotion runs today through May 12 at more than 1,300 Planet Fitness locations in the United States and Canada. Clickhere to find a Planet Fitness near you.

“Planet Fitness is looking to make it as easy as possible over the next 12 days to help everyone find their fitness groove without feeling the pinch financially,” said Jessica Correa, senior vice president of marketing at Planet Fitness. “With our zero pressure, no commitment offer, we invite everyone to come check out Planet Fitness and see first-hand what the Judgement Free Zone® is all about.”

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