Pérez Art Museum Miami Announces Miami Art Week 2021 Schedule

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is pleased to announce an exciting lineup of events, exhibitions, and programming for 2021 Miami Art Week that highlights the museum’s dedication to Miami’s diverse arts community and its unique location at the crossroads of the Americas.

“After a long year sheltered away from the vibrance and energy that characterizes Miami Art Week, PAMM could not be more excited to return with a roster of events and exhibitions that place the spotlight on Miami’s diverse artistic community and the city’s presence as a growing international capital,” said PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans. “The museum remains dedicated to functioning as a mirror that reflects Miami’s exuberance, and with special events that ignite conversations about the most pressing and relevant cultural issues of our time, while having fun.”

The museum will once again host its signature Miami Art Week celebration, PAMM Presents, on Thursday, December 2 from 8–11pm.

PAMM will also host a series of dynamic programs and events for visitors throughout the week, including Across the Afro Diasporas, a virtual discussion on Wednesday, December 1, led by PAMM Curator Maria Elena Ortiz and Zimbabwean born assistant curator at Zeitz MOCAA Tandazani Dhlakama, as well as an Art Talk with Marco Brambilla on Friday, December 3, featuring his exhibition Heaven’s Gate, a new monumental video work that takes viewers through a time capsule of lush cinematic landscapes of collaged film samples from famous Hollywood images, and an Indigenous Contemporary Art Panel on Saturday, December 4, featuring leading indigenous voices and activists Houston Cypress and Khadija Cypress, art historian Durante Blais-Billie, Chilean artist Felipe Mujica, and PAMM Curator Jennifer Inacio.

For PAMM’s extended Art Week hours, please click here.

Panel: NFTs The Next 500 Years
Monday, November 29, 12pm
Virtual (online only)

While NFTs have dominated the discourse around art this year, everything about them feels opaque. How to obtain, define, and conserve NFTs are still confusing matters for many. To get to the bottom of things, PAMM Director of Digital Engagement Jay Mollica will moderate a panel with artist Sofia Crespo, Curator Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan, and Art Blocks CCO Jeff Davis. The panel will discuss how NFTs have changed the practice of digital art, where NFTs sit in the broader tradition of digital art, and where this all might be headed. More info here.

Daily Public Tours

Join PAMM for tours of the permanent collection, museum architecture, and special exhibition highlights daily. Tours are available on a first come, first served basis. Free with museum admission. 

Tuesday, November 30 | 12pm and 3pm
Wednesday, December 1 | 12pm and 3pm
Thursday, December 2 | 12pm and 3pm
Friday, December 3 | 1pm and 2pm
Saturday, December 4 | 1pm in Spanish, 2pm and 3pm
Sunday, December 5 | 1pm and 2pm

Art Talk: El Espacio 23 x PAMM: Across the Afro Diaspora
Wednesday, December 1, 2pm
Virtual (online only)

Join us for a collaborative discussion with our partner El Espacio 23 that spans the Afro Diaspora touching on themes from both exhibitions: WITNESS: Afro Perspectives from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection and Allied with Power: African and African Diaspora Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection. The talk will touch on themes including systematic oppression, intergenerational trauma, syncretism, identity, territory, abstraction, representation, politics, spirituality, and race. More info here.

PAMM Presents
Thursday, December 2, 8–11pm
Pérez Art Museum Miami celebrates Miami Art Week with its signature Thursday night event. Throughout the evening, enjoy drinks, live music, and dancing on the museum’s waterfront terrace. More info here.

By invitation only: Open to PAMM Sustaining and above-level members and VIP passholders to: Art Basel, Art Miami/Context, Design Miami, NADA Miami, and UNTITLED. RSVP is required to gain entry to this event. This event requires attendees to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination and/or negative PCR test. Contact your fair for more information.

Art Talk: Marco Brambilla in Conversation with Franklin Sirmans 
Friday, December 3, 1pm
Virtual and in-person at PAMM
Get an insider’s view of Heaven’s Gate with a special conversation and opportunity for discussion with artist Marco Brambilla and PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans. Heaven’s Gate is a monumental new work by video artist Marco Brambilla. A lavish, satirical, and vertigo-inducing meditation on the Hollywood ‘Dream Factory,’ Heaven’s Gate is a work of digital psychedelia employing the same state-of-the-art computer compositing technology as the films it references. Free with museum admission. More info here.

Panel: Indigenous Contemporary Art
Saturday, December 4, 3:30pm
Virtual and in-person at PAMM
Meet us at the museum for a panel discussion focusing on Indigenous contemporary art of the South Florida Miccosukee and Seminole Tribes. The panel will present and discuss the art of various Miccosukee and Seminole contemporary artists from an art historical perspective that details the knowledge systems behind their work and practice. The panel will detail contemporary patchwork as it relates to artist Felipe Mujica’s current exhibition at PAMM, Felipe Mujica: The Swaying Motion on the Bank of the River Falls, in which he collaborated with contemporary artist Khadijah Cypress. The panel features exhibition artists Felipe Mujica and Khadijah Cypress; exhibition curator Jennifer Inacio; art-historian Durante Blais-Billie; and poet, artist, and environmental activist Houston Cypress. Free with museum admission. More info here.


Panel: FilmGate x PAMM: Breonna’s Garden
Sunday, December 5, 2pm
Virtual and in-person at PAMM
Visit the augmented reality experience Breonna’s Garden in Maurice A. Ferré Park and then join us in the PAMM Auditorium for a discussion centered around Breonna’s Garden with creator Lady PheOnix, Alex Kipman, the head of Microsoft HoloLens/ and developer of Xbox Kinect, Breonna Taylor’s partner Kenneth Walker, and Joanna Popper, HP’s Global Head of Virtual Reality for Go-To-Market and Location Based Entertainment. All this is followed up with a short interview with Breonna’s sister, Ju’niyah Palmer. Breonna’s Garden is a sacred space for anyone who wants to share a message of hope for Breonna’s family or a message in remembrance of someone they miss. “She who plants a garden, plants hope.” Free with museum admission. More info here.


Heaven’s Gate: Marco Brambilla
Heaven’s Gate is a monumental new work by video artist Marco Brambilla. A lavish, satirical and vertigo-inducing meditation on the Hollywood ‘Dream Factory,’ Heaven’s Gate is a work of digital psychedelia employing the same state-of-the-art computer compositing technology as the films it references. In a totem-like display of screens, the viewer travels through a vertical landscape of infinitely-looping and collaged film samples, led upwards through a series of seven surreal landscapes. More info here.

Jedd Novatt: Monotypes and More
This exhibition features new small-scale sculptures and two-dimensional works on paper by Jedd Novatt, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the relationship between the artist’s smaller sculptures and works on paper, his monumental outdoor works at PAMM which include Chaos Bizkaia (2012) and Chaos SAS (2013), and the architecture of the museum first hand. The exhibition represents the first time that Novatt’s wall drawings and smaller sculptures take center stage. Displayed within a gallery with a window that looks down upon Chaos SAS, this is an unparalleled opportunity to capture the breadth of Novatt’s work in both two and three dimensions, creating a conversation between artworks in and outside the museum. More info here.

Zhivago Duncan: Pretentious Crap
Zhivago Duncan creates elaborate multimedia works accompanied by sprawling narratives. Much of his production is authored under the guise of various alter egos, including “Nacnud Ogavihz” (Duncan’s name spelled backwards), or the semi-amnesiac Dick Flash, the supposed creator of Duncan’s large-scale sculptural installation Pretentious Crap (2010-11), which was donated to PAMM by Diane and Robert Moss in 2014. As the sole survivor of a global apocalypse, Dick Flash roams the world collecting the remnants of his ancestors’ ruined civilization, puzzling over the mysterious objects he encounters. With no memory of his former life, Duncan’s avatar repurposes found scraps of cars, airplanes, and trains, placing them inside a massive display cabinet where they spin futilely in infinite circles, severed from any connection to their original uses. In the artist’s words, Dick Flash “fabricates a new iconography, commemorating his interpretation of an extinct empire and its tragically flawed constituents.” The installation serves as a critical allegory, encapsulating the challenges faced by present-day artists as they attempt to make sense of the chaotic nature of contemporary culture. More info here.

Allied with Power: African and African Diaspora Art from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection
The exhibition features over 30 works by international African and African Diaspora artists from the collection of Jorge M. Pérez. This exhibition presents a provocative group of artists, representing some of the best art practices hailing from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and the US. Addressing themes of identity, colonialism, spirituality, everyday life, and abstraction, the show highlights artists whose works embody the vast complexities of the contemporary moment. More info here.

The Artist as Poet: Selections from PAMM’s Collection
With a nod to Surrealism and its use of everyday materials, subversion of common objects, and incorporation of poetic language, this exhibition celebrates how the characteristics of the poème-objet (poem-object) are present in contemporary art. The works in The Artist as Poet span 10 decades between 1917 and 2020 and represent how language—specifically poetry—is used in contemporary art, while shedding light on Surrealism’s influence. The exhibition includes works by Guillaume Apollinaire, André Breton, Joseph Cornell, Aimée García Marrero, Glenda León, Maria Martinez-Cañas, Gordon Matta-Clark, Shirin Neshat, Michael Richards, Purvis Young, and Tim Rollins + K.O.S. (Kids of Survival). More info here.

Felipe Mujica:  The Swaying Motion on the Bank of the River Falls
Felipe Mujica (b. Santiago, Chile; lives in New York) creates works that comprise of installation, drawing, collapsible sculptures, and printmaking. His fabric panels—or curtains, as he describes them—operate as both sculptural objects and functional architectural interventions. For PAMM, Mujica has created new works collaboratively with artisans from the Miccosukee tribe in South Florida. The patchwork designs incorporated in traditional Miccosukee garments and decorations represent abstracted interpretations of the natural world in which the tribes are immersed, featuring motifs such as alligators, rain, river, wind, and even a man on horse—an iconic symbol of colonial power. By incorporating these abstracted yet traditional designs into this collaborative work, Mujica conveys his research on geometric abstraction and its history, as well as a sensitivity to a metaphysical exploration of the world. More info here.

About Pérez Art Museum Miami 
Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) promotes artistic expression and the exchange of ideas, advancing public knowledge and appreciation of art, architecture, and design, and reflecting the diverse community of its pivotal geographic location at the crossroads of the Americas. The 37-year-old South Florida institution, formerly known as Miami Art Museum (MAM) and led by Director Franklin Sirmans, opened a new building, designed by world-renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron, on December 4, 2013 in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. The facility is a state-of-the-art model for sustainable museum design and progressive programming and features 200,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor program space with flexible galleries; shaded outdoor verandas; a waterfront restaurant and bar; a museum shop; and an education center with a library, media lab, and classroom spaces. 

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