Purple Prevails During Water Reuse Week

Florida leads the nation in water reuse, reducing demand on traditional water supplies

West Palm Beach, FL — The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Governing Board is recognizing May 19—25, 2013, as Water Reuse Week to promote the benefits of using reclaimed water as part of a continuing effort to protect regional water supplies.

Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed Water Reuse Week throughout the state, and dozens of South Florida communities and organizations have made similar declarations. The shared goal is to continue raising awareness of the benefits of reclaimed water.

“With our many partners throughout the state, the District is committed to encouraging the use of reclaimed water to ease the burden on regional water resources,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chair Dan O’Keefe. “Water Reuse Week is an ideal time to remember that water in purple pipes is providing many benefits to Florida’s water supply.”

Reclaimed water eases demand on traditional sources of water and reduces discharges into the ocean. Florida leads the nation in water reuse. Within the District’s 16-county region, more than 100 reuse systems produce and reuse 269 million gallons of reclaimed water per day.

Water reuse involves treating domestic wastewater and using the resulting high-quality reclaimed water for a new, beneficial purpose. Extensive treatment and disinfection ensures that public health and environmental quality are protected.

Reclaimed water can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Irrigation of golf courses, parks, residential properties, highway medians and other green space
  • Aesthetic landscape features, such as decorative lakes, ponds and fountains
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Environmental restoration and wetland creation
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Industrial uses, including equipment wash down, processing water and cooling water

As a long-term benefit, communities that reuse water can continue to grow in size while minimizing or even reducing their impact on the water resources around them. Use of reclaimed water is exempt from landscape irrigation restrictions and also allows communities to postpone or minimize capital investments in developing new, more costly water sources and supplies.


Florida and the SFWMD recognize Water Reuse Week each year during the third full week of May, just as the dry season is coming to an end.


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