Desafiando el mal tiempo

Rain or shine

To Beth Culbertson, 45, the strange low degree temperature in South Florida and the persistent rain weren’t an obstacle to show her convictions by the side of the road.

The organizer of 912 Project of Parkland, a grass-root political movement, stood patiently from 1pm to 3pm at the corner of 441 and Holmberg streets.  Holding a bright neon pink cardboard that read: “Notice: violation of oath of office.”

The unusual rain carried cold winds which left most Floridians wrapped in their warmest blankets at home.

“Aren’t our troops in the cold and the rain? Aren’t they?  Aren’t they?” emphasized Culbertson when asked about standing on the wet grass holding multiple signs.

“Who is here at home going to defend our freedom and our Constitution? It’s us, it is the citizenry,” added the organizer.

The “Parklander” explained that the Committee of the movement had asked the members to stand in every corner for a forty-six week rally.  “It dawned on me that this has to happen all across Broward County and after that it needs to ignite a flame across the whole country,” said the Culbertson.

The 912 Project stands for 9 principles and 12 values such as: “America is good”, “I believe in God, He is the Center of my life” and “honesty”.

“We are a ‘keep freedom’ tea party type of group,” said Culbertson.

Now entering into her fifth week, she will expect an open sky for the weeks to come.

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Adriana Carrera
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