The 3rd Economic Impact Payment

·         Learn the several ways in which the third Economic Impact Payment is different from earlier payments. #IRS

·         The 3rd Economic Impact Payment is different from earlier payments in many ways. DYK there’s been changes to eligibility requirements? Learn more from #IRS at:

·         Taxpayers without an SSN who claimed a dependent with an SSN on their #IRS taxes will receive up to $1,400 Economic Impact Payment for the qualifying dependent, if they meet all other requirements. See:

·         For couples who file jointly and only one has a valid SSN: The spouse with the SSN may get up to $1,400 for the 3rd Economic Impact Payment and payments for each qualifying dependent claimed on their 2020 #IRS taxes.

·         #IRS on Economic Impact Payments eligibility: Married taxpayers filing jointly who didn’t get payments because one spouse didn’t have a valid SSN may claim a 2020 recovery rebate credit for the spouse with the SSN valid for employment.

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