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Lake Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Christian Knepper / Embratur .

Summer is right around the corner, but you still have plenty of time to plan the perfect Brazilian adventure! This is a great time to take advantage of the current exchange rate (over $4.0 Brazilian Reais to one Dollar) and enjoy the end of visa for Americans, starting June 17th. You are sure to find great deals and travel on a budget at this time of the year in Brazil, since it is actually winter there. Prices fall up to 50% around many Brazilian destinations during the low season with several direct flights from major US cities. 

When planning your trip, it is important to make sure that you don’t miss out on those once in a lifetime experiences. You will be happy to discover that when you visit Brazil, you can check out places like the Jardim Botânico, Christ The Redeemer Statue and Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro for free or for little cost. And they are definitely worth the money! 

Here are five destinations with direct flights from the US that you can visit and get your money’s worth, while lounging at an idyllic beach or exploring tropical vibes! 


Pelourinho. Salvador (BA). 1999. Foto: Christian Knepper / Embratur

Brazil’s first capital and the capital of the State of Bahia State, Salvador is known as an important cultural and historical center for Brazilians. The city is listed as one of Brazil’s UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Sites and it is also a foodie’s paradise. 

Top Five Budget Friendly Things To See in Salvador: 

Igreja and Convento de São Francisco – The 18thcentury buildings are part of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World. The Architecture is the greatest representative of the baroque style in Bahia. 

Pelourinho –The Neighborhood located in the city’s historic center was the initial point of the city’s economical development in the 16th century. Since 1985, it is recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. 

Mercado ModeloThe site has more than 200 shops with souvenirs from Salvador and Bahia, and many kiosks serving regional Bahian food. 

Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia (Solar do Unhão) – The solar is an architectural complex which houses the Museum of Modern art, a pier, a distillery and a slave quarters. It’s a popular tourist sight with a sculpture garden.

Igreja do Senhor do Bonfim – The most famous church of Salvador. Though it’s a catholic church, it also incorporated some aspects of Candomblé, a religion based on African beliefs. Outside the church you can find the multicolored remembrance ribbons with “Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia” written on them, which should be tied in the arms of visitors in front the church. 

Rio de Janeiro 

The city that needs no introductions is always ready with open arms to welcome new and returning visitors. It would be easy to simply layback, relax and enjoy any of Rio’s many marvelous beaches. Perhaps learn how to play footvolleywith the friendly locals, or join a samba jam by the beach. 

Top Five Budget Friendly Things To See in Rio:

Parque Nacional da Tijuca – An immense conservation area that crosses the city from north to South, and includes several attractions such as the Floresta da Tijuca (the largest urban forest in the world), and Vista Chinesa – a viewpoint in oriental style located 380 meters over the city.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas – A great recreation area, encircled by a 7.2m walking and cycling path. Visitors can hire a Bike along the east side of the lake, as well as paddle boats. The area has holds also many restaurants and kiosks that serve drinks and food. 

Forte de Copacabana – Opened in 1914 in the eve of World War I, the Fort has privileged views and an amazing café – The ‘Cafe do Forte’ with outstanding Brazilian pastries and cakes. 

Sunset at Arpoador – Arpoador rocks, located in the end of Ipanema Beach, is the perfect spot to watch the sun going down beside the Two Brothers peaks. 

Santa Teresa Neighborhood – One of the most picturesque districts in Rio, it is home to numerous ateliers, bars, and restaurants that endow a bohemian atmosphere to its streets. 


Located in the heart of the Amazon Forest, Manaus has some of the most amazing buildings, built using fine materials imported from Europe, thanks to the Rubber Boom in the early 1900s. One of the highlights is the Amazonas’ Theater, chosen by Vogue magazine as one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world.

Top Five Budget Friendly Things To See in Manaus:

Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro – a former residence of one of the rubber barons, it’s now the seat of the Government. It’s one of the finest examples of Amazonian Belle Époquearchitecture. 

Centro Cultural dos Povos da Amazônia – It offers one of the most important ethnographic collections from Brazil, as well as documents, copies of popular art, and a library focused on the indigenous and riverside population. 

Museu Amazônico – A permanent exhibition occupies the upper floor of the building, with displays of indigenous and pre-indigenous cultures. 

Centro Cultural Usina Chaminé – An old sewage treatment plant, built in classic style, that is now one of the most important cultural venues in the City. The building houses the Pinacoteca do Estado art collection. 

Centro de Artesanato Branco e Silva – This is the principal center for regional products from fruits to locally made baskets, and the amazing local cuisine. 


Designed by urbanist Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil’s current and third capital (after Salvador and Rio) is the city with the largest heritage area in the world, and it is also listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site. 

Top Five Budget Friendly Things To See in Brasilia:

Catedral Metropolitana de BrasíliaDesigned by the Architect Oscar Niemeyer, the cathedral has stained glass window on the roof of the nave with sixteen pieces of fiberglass in shades of blue, green, white and brown painted by the artist Marianne Peretti. 

Espaço Oscar Niemeyer – The space was designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1988, and has a permanent exhibition showing works by the architect. 

Congresso National – During the visit it is possible to learn more about the artistic and cultural heritage of the National Congress and to learn how it operates. 

Palacio do Planalto – The Presidential Palace is the headquarters of the Federal Executive and the President’s office. It was one of the first buildings constructed in the capital. The Palace has also an amazing art collection.

Lago Paranoá – It was artificially created as part of the construction plan for Brasilia, a heaven for water sports. The Bridge JK, built in 2002, in steel and concrete arches, crosses the lake. It ha a pedestrian walkway and is accessible to cyclists. 

São Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in South America and the third largest city in the Americas. Known as the Latin American capital of events, the city has an abundance of hotels for all budgets and tastes, as well as plenty of things to do.


Top Five Budget Friendly Things To See in Sao Paulo:

Centro Cultural São Paulo – A multidisciplinary cultural space, the Center has three large libraries, a comic book library and an area for temporary exhibitions and cultural presentations. It’s one of the most traditional sites in the city. 

Instituto Cultural Itaú –- The site hosts dance, music and theatre performances, as well as themed exhibitions. 

Museu do Futebol (free of charge on Thursday) – Located under the grandstands of the Pacaembu Stadium, the star of this museum is the favorite national sport. The history of Brazilian soccer is shown in interactive multimedia pieces. 

Catedral da Sé – One of the five largest neo-gothic temples in the world, the cathedral was inaugurated in 1954. Opposite to the church there is the Marco Zero (the city’s geographical center). 

Mercado Municipal – The most traditional gourmet attraction of the city is located in an imposing building in downtown, with stained glass windows. You can find Brazilian fruits and vegetables, and the space has a gastronomy space in the mezzanine where you can taste the famous mortadella sandwich and the codfish cakes. 


About Brazil Tourism:

With its spectacular beaches, lush rainforests, rich culture, exotic cuisine and exciting nightlife, Brazil is one of the most compelling countries to visit today. Travelers are invited to explore Brazil’s incredible geographical diversity – from the wetlands to the beaches. With a beautiful, tropical climate, Brazil is an easily accessible, exotic get-away for couples, families and business travelers.

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