Ultra PRO Playroom Celebrating 2021 with the Release of Five New Tabletop Games

Months into the pandemic, COVID restrictions may still remain in place, but staying put doesn’t have to be a wearisome exercise. Ultra PRO Entertainment has just released a selection of five new card, dice and role-playing games. Each one breathes fresh excitement and fun into sheltering in place inside the safety of one’s COVID bubble. Florida Man, Deranged, Draconic Dice, Sunflower Valley and Sweetlandia are the latest additions to join the Ultra PRO tabletop game lineup.


A January 2021 Polygon article addressed tabletop gaming in the New Year. “One of the reasons that tabletop games have become so popular over the last two decades is that they bring people together. The ongoing pandemic made in-person gatherings nearly impossible throughout 2020, and this time apart from our friends and neighbors will have repercussions for the board game and role-playing game industries for years to come.”


Ultra PRO Entertainment has come up with a variety of new ways for game lovers to make the most of the global situation. As people continue to be confined to home and to their small safety-net bubbles in 2021, Ultra PRO Entertainment has released five new games to keep them occupied and enthralled. Ranging from card games to adventure games to dice games, the latest crop of Ultra PRO releases includes something for every tabletop gaming taste.


Florida Man for the 17+ adult crowd is a “two truths and a lie” game that challenges players to guess which headlines detail actual events and which ones are just figments of the game developers’ imaginations. A card game designed for two to 10 players, a round of Florida Man can be completed in just 15 minutes.


For the fantasy adventure crowd, Ultra PRO Entertainment unveils Deranged. A semi-cooperative role-playing game, Deranged takes players on a stroll through a cursed town driven by evil forces. The only way to make it through the night and get out alive is to fight unimaginable monsters, other players and one’s own demons. The game features gothic comic artwork and three extensive scenarios.


An updated version of  Dracarys Dice, Draconic Dice is designed for two to five players ages 10 and up. With the dice roll of dragons, players can invade their opponents, but watch out for the fireballs. When rolled, they help amass a fiery pit. Failure to roll one on a player’s turn, however, gets him or her burned.


Also, for two to five players but inclusive of the younger 8+ crowd, Sunflower Valley is a fast-paced tile- laying game. With a longer game play of up to an hour, it keeps kids of all ages occupied as they settle their own perfect mountain valley. Whether that perfection consists of high mountains, lively towns, sunflower fields or sheep pastures is up to each individual player.


The final new game in Ultra PRO Entertainment’s 2021 lineup is Sweetlandia, wherein players plan a city in a land made entirely of delicious treats. A card-bidding game, Sweetlandia’s delectable locations include Gumdrop Garden, Rocky Road, Marshmallow Mountain, Lemonade Lake, Candy Cornfields, plus more. The winner of the game is the player who earns the most donuts from Mayor McSweet.




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