Unveils contactless visitor management solution in compliance with CDC recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19

SISCO CORP, the leader in identity management solutions, announced it has developed a contactless Visitor Management Solution to keep visitors and employees safe during the visitor registration process at facilities. This product line enhancement was designed in response to the recent pandemic and is fully compliant with the CDC’s recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

The new FAST-PASS Contactless Solution eliminates the need to exchange materials between visitors and entryway employees, ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

How it works: Visitors will scan their ID upon arrival at a facility. After the visitor’s information is auto-populated in the FAST-PASS database, the greeting facility employee takes a photo of the visitor with an integrated digital camera. A badge is then generated, printing on the visitor’s side of the desk. Guillotine printers are equipped with an auto-cut feature, positioning the badge on the counter for the guest to pick up. There is absolutely no person-to-person contact throughout the process.

**NOTE: The ID scanner and camera will work just as effectively behind plexiglass if the facility prefers to have all equipment behind a barrier.

White utilizing the FAST-PASS Contactless Solution, no materials are exchanged between the visitor and the employee, and the visitor does not touch any of the facility’s equipment. With healthcare facilities, schools and businesses opening across the country, a safe and effective visitor management system is no longer optional, it’s critical. 

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