Venardos Circus returns with Online-only livestream on August 1st

The Venardos Circus, a touring Broadway-style animal free production, is thrilled to announcea brand-new live online-only show via livestream on Saturday, August 1, 2020. This all new show will feature new acts and talent hand-picked from the Pacific Northwest region! Venardos Circus will perform one show at 4pm CDT. No live audience seating will be available near the performance site, just via the Internet. Access the livestream will require a ticket which run $16.50 per person available at their website here. Mulit-pack discounts are available and branded merchandise is discounted 30% through July 26 with code CIRCUSSTRONG. Venardos Circus has pivoted from its usual format in response to COVID-19, and this livestream offers as great opportunity for audiences across the country and around the world to join the live event and enjoy a little circus magic from anywhere in the world.

“These livestreams are keeping us inspired to push ourselves to develop new content to share with and likewise, inspire our fans,” explained Kevin Venardos, owner, and ringmaster of Venardos Circus. “We miss being on the road visiting our fans and bringing message of love and inclusion to audiences around the country. We all still need to find shared experiences that create a sense of community and positive energy for one another as we navigate our new reality.”

Livestream will be shot with two 4K cameras including high-def sound, thus providing high-quality production value.

About Venardos Circus:

The Venardos Circus, a unique Broadway-Style animal free performance, has been touring the U.S. since its debut at the L.A. County Fair in 2014. It is reinventing the American Circus tradition for a new generation with Broadway-style flair, bringing joy to people across the U.S. Theatre lovers and nostalgic circus fans alike will appreciate the intimate experience and sentimental way the show pays homage to circus traditions through the lens of high-quality entertainment for a modern family audience. For more information, please visit



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