An exclusive with Alex Meneses: the amazing house she is selling, her family life and career

Alex Meneses. Photo Credit Marcel Indik

It is difficult to find an actress in Hollywood that opens up their heart in a very humble and naive way when it comes to talking about their personal life. But Alex Meneses is the exception to this rule. Meneses, daughter of a Mexican father and a Ukrainian mother, shared with La Familia magazine the moments of what she’s going through in her career and personal life.

Alex Meneses (Alexandra Estella DeAnna Meneses) born in the south of Chicago, is famous for her appearance in series such as “Everybody Loves Raymond” where she acted as the memorable Stefania Fogagnolo, the Italian girlfriend of Robert Barone, Brad Garret and Teresa Morales, her first important role in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”, and guest star on several series such as “Friends”, not to mention movies like “Selena”, “Flintstones Viva Rocks Vegas”. But lately, the public has known Meneses for her role as Isabella, the rival of Longoria in the NBC series “Telenovelas”, among others.

The artist has put her nine bedroom estate at Encino, California, for sale. “After 10 years of matrimony I thought I would have more children”, Meneses admits. She is the mother of Estella, a cute five-year-old girl, born during her marriage to John H. Simpson, an investor. “ The house has nine rooms in total and has a romantic touch”, the actress added.

“Completed in 2004 with materials imported from Spain, Morocco and hand-crafted Mexican tiles, the estate features 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms in the main house plus a separate 2 bedroom, 2 bath guest house”, reads the description of the estate. 

“An entertainer’s paradise boasting a grand formal dining room, dine-in wine cellar and 3 kitchens, the property offers 5 fireplaces, saline mosaic pool and spa, outdoor cooking pavilion, mosaic fountains, fire pit with built-in seating, and a stream flowing into a koi pond”, adds the real estate agency, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

Watch the picture gallery of the property for sale of Alex Meneses.

“The house has many secret spaces”, Alex explained. “I made it very quaint”, she added. “ It is so big that I wanted to give it little sceneries to enjoy the flowers while getting something to drink”.

Meneses planted orange, lemon and pomegranate trees.  “Smells pretty good,” she said proudly about the garden.

The actress also talked to us about her family and the recent loss of her father.  

“I’m going to write about my father in a book”, she expressed. “My grandfather had a circus and a food store. They grew up in a building that was a convent, with two chapels and an orphanage run by nuns. It was a very interesting life. I would have loved asking him more questions”, the actress confesses.

-LFDB: Alex, where do you live now?

-AM: Now I live in a house with five rooms because my family visits me from Mexico frequently  (They are from Mexico City) and my mother lives with me.

-LFDB: How was your childhood?

-AM: I grew up in Chicago with two parents that dedicated their lives to their children. I have two big brothers and a younger one. My dad worked too much and never a complaint, actually, for him working was a blessing. My brothers were very overprotective with me. We always saw love and respect in our house.

-LFDB: Did your parents live with you?

-AM: They always came during winter, but recently they lived with me all the time. My dad passed away two months ago.

-LFBD: I’m so sorry…

AM: Thanks. But I feel good that he spent his last days of his life in a beautiful house where he knew he was very loved.

LFDB: What are your parents for you?

AM: They are my backbone, my strength. When I went home and I felt alone, they were always there for me.

Alex Meneses in her role as Stefania Fogagnolo. Foto cortesía.

LFDB: After watching you in the role of Stefania Fogagnolo (Everybody Loves Raymond) we thought you were Italian…

 AM: Yeah, many people do too, and when they found out that I wasn’t, they were upset (Alex laughs). That role was one of the best experiences for me. This was the number one show on television! Going to Italy twice was amazing. Ray Romano was very sweet, he is the most normal guy in the world, very humble. I was supposed to be in the series just for one episode but the fans sent tons of letters requesting that I continued in the role.

-LFDB: Is there any role that you especially liked doing?

-AM: Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas was a great experience. My suit was made of 2000 red crystals that were adjusted to my body and weight 40 pounds. It was amazing.

-LFDB: Do you have any plans for the future?

-AM: I’m working with Chazz Palminteri on a film about organized crime. It’s very cool to work with him because he’s a fantastic director and very funny. I’m also working on a project with Eva Longoria.

Alex Meneses y Eva Longoria.

-LFDB: How was your experience working with her?

AM: It was a pleasure working with her. She’s a very smart Texan girl, powerful and a good actress. We spent so much time together that we wouldn’t only work, we went to galleries, etc. The difference with Eva is that she’s very generous and compassionate, considering the environment that we are on. As a director, she’s not jealous. She had little details like going to the makeup room and tell the makeup artist that we all should look good. She’s wonderful.

-LFDB: Do you speak Spanish?

AM- Not much, my daughter speaks it better than me (laughs). She corrects me when I pronounce “Elena de Avalor”. I read to her all the time. She loves animals and she knows the name of every dinosaur.

Estella, la hija de Alex Meneses

LFDB: Alex, we hope you are able to sell the house…

AM: Me too!

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