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Productivity Tips that will free you from stress

Stressing all they long? The following productivity tips were provided by Johan Gunnars, CEO and Co-Founder of Simpliday: Don’t say yes to everything. While many people set high productivity standards for themselves, it’s necessary to be realistic about your time limitations. It’s okay to say no to requests from others—or even from yourself—and not feel bad about it. Instead, be ...

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5 super apps for the modern supermom

Modern moms are on the go at all times, no matter their children’s age—whether they’re changing diapers, shuttling little ones back and forth from school, or grabbing groceries for the family, it’s pretty much nonstop.  No secrets there. It’s also no secret that technology, like smartphones, can make life easier. In fact, 90 percentof millennial moms would tell you that ...

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