5 Real Ways To Earn Some Extra Holiday Cash

Every year many people look for ways to earn some extra cash during the Holidays so they can pay for their impending shopping list. And, with Christmas being just around the corner, some will look to traditional seasonal jobs at retailers or try to pick up some overtime hours on their job as a way to reach their funding goals.

But who has time for that? That is why we interview CEO Joe Furnari of an AirBnB Style platformed called HyreCarthat allows people to earn up to $1000 extra per month just by renting out their personal cars to Uber and Lyft Drivers since 40% of those who apply to drive for Uber and Lyft don’t have a car that qualifies. 

Car owners who rent their vehicles all year long make on average about $14,000 per year in extra income. 

What are the conditions required to offer a car for hire?

All vehicles must qualify for Uber and Lyft and meet the specific requirements in the location where they are being listed on the platform. All vehicles must meet the following requirements:

  • must have 4 doors and be able to transport a minimum of 4 passengers
  • must be 15 model years old or newer (vehicle age may vary based on location)
  • the title cannot be salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt. They must also pass a 19-point inspection and have valid registration documents uploaded prior to being active in the HyreCar marketplace. 

How is this business done (step by step)?

o Drivers 

  • Sign up 
  • Submit a one-time background check (which only takes about 24 hours)
  • Select their vehicle
  • Receive vehicle documents (insurance, registration, vehicle inspection) to upload into their Uber/Lyft account
  • Meet with the car owner and start earning money driving for Uber/Lyft
    • Owners
      • List vehicle(s)
      • Upload vehicle documents (registration, vehicle inspection)
      • Set the price (daily, weekly, and monthly)
      • Receive applications from drivers
      • Handoff the keys to the driver
      • Earn passive income
    • Helpful landing page with “How it Works” Information: https://hyrecar.com/howitworks

Are there any liability or downside/challenges in doing this?

Both drivers and owners are covered under our comprehensive ridesharing insurance policy when they use our platform, so everyone is covered. Drivers and vehicle owners alike can utilize the platform to create an opportunity for themselves where one did not previously exist. By providing a safe, secure, and reliable marketplace, HyreCar helps both parties come together– one driver, one vehicle, one road at a time.

We are based in Florida, is this platform good for this state?

Absolutely. Florida is an extremely popular location for ridesharing, and a very lucrative state for rideshare drivers looking to earn money driving for Uber and Lyft. Full-time drivers are earning upwards of $1000/week and car owners can earn up to $1000/month in passive income for each vehicle they list on our platform. 

What else can people do to earn extra income this holiday season?

  1. Rent out your car to Uber and Lyft drivers on HyreCar
  2. Rent out your spare room, apartment, or house with Airbnb
  3. Rent out your clothes on Style Lend
  4. Earn cash rewards while you grocery shop with Drop
  5. Sell your stuff on Letgo




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