Florida Sheriffs Association and State Farm Commit to Improving Teen Driving

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) is pleased to announce that State Farm has generously granted $75,000 to the Teen Driver Challenge, an educational course that provides training to teenage drivers. The program plays a vital contribution in protecting Florida’s teen drivers and everyone else on the roadway. State Farm has granted a total of $985,000 to the program since 2011.
“We want to express our appreciation to State Farm for their commitment to fostering responsible driving habits among young individuals,” said Florida Sheriffs Association President and Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper. “State Farm’s strategic partnership is instrumental in our efforts to empower more young drivers and amplify the positive influence of the Teen Driver Challenge.”
At the request of Florida’s Sheriffs, the Teen Driver Challenge was created in 2007 to lower the high crash and fatality rate of young drivers. It’s the largest commercial driving school in Florida and is offered to teens at no charge. The cost to run this program is covered by grants from State Farm and contributions from local sheriffs’ offices. Instructors are certified law enforcement officers with accreditations from the State of Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, under the Florida Sheriffs Association’s State of Florida Commercial Driving School License. The program is currently available in more than 42 counties and coming to additional ones soon.
“By learning from certified law enforcement officers, student drivers not only gain essential driving skills, but also benefit from the expertise and insights of those who prioritize safety on a professional level,” said Jose Soto, State Farm Corporate Responsibility Analyst. “ That is one of the main reasons State Farm has been a proud supporter of the Florida Sheriffs Association Teen Driver Challenge for the past 13 years.”
The importance of the Teen Driver Challenge is supported by statistics. According to the Center for Disease Control, teens are involved in three times as many fatality crashes as other drivers. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of these fatality crashes. The Teen Driver Challenge aims to lower this rate by empowering teens with safe driving knowledge and practices. More than 2,000 students successfully complete the challenge in Florida each year.
For more information on the Teen Driver Challenge, visit www.teendriverchallenge.com. Remember to like the Teen Driver Challenge page on Facebook and follow them on Instagram. To register for the program or find class offerings in your area, please contact your local Sheriff’s Office.

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