Les Monts: The Lens Through Which Creatives View the World

Exquisitely handcrafted with an artist’s attention to detail, Les Monts – a producer of limited-edition handmade eyewear – will premier its Series I collection in April 2022. Founded by former Ted Baker eyewear designer Casey Klugman, Les Monts champions creatives in all fields, celebrating those who dive fearlessly into their endeavors. As part of the brand’s mission to support conversations on the subject of mental health, Les Monts will partner with Mental Health America (MHA) to donate a portion of annual revenue to the organization. Pre-orders from the exciting new label will be available beginning April 20th, 2022.

Les Monts – French for “the mountains”, pays homage to Klugman’s European heritage as well as his own journey as an artist. Klugman says, “mountains are symbolic of the uphill journey creative individuals will endure when going for what they love.” The collection is manufactured in Northern Italy, where Les Monts collaborates with one of the region’s most revered manufacturers. The new label will be known for its use of resplendent materials, high-gloss finishes, and exaggerated frame profiles; all gracefully executed using traditional craftsmanship practices. The exclusive collection of micro-production sunglasses has four drops planned for 2022, with several more expected in 2023.

While focused on delivering masterful spectacles as distinguished as the creative society it represents, Les Monts has an important secondary mission. The company is partnering with Mental Health America, the nation’s leading mental health non-profit organization, to generate conversation on the topic of mental health. Each year Les Monts will donate a percentage of annual revenue to Mental Health America (MHA) in support of their continued efforts to promote mental health for all.

Casey Klugman, Creative Director and Founder of Les Monts, revealed: “I’m thrilled to launch Les Monts as a luxury brand with purpose. While offering world-class spectacles is our primary goal, we’re proud of our commitment to give back to the community. Our partnership with Mental Health America is as important to our brand as anything else. My hope is that Les Monts can transcend traditional brand ideologies, and become a beacon of optimism that inspires.”

Les Monts’ Series I will retail from $375.00 to $415.00 and feature six styles, each available in three unique colorways. The collection will be available for preorder starting April 20, 2022, exclusively on www.lesmonts.com.

More information on Les Monts can be found on Instagram: @Lesmonts.

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