Miami Mayor, Police Chief Partner with Public Safety Solutions for America for Public Forum on Ending Violent Crime

Public Safety Solutions for America (PSSA), a coalition of criminal justice experts advocating for a smarter approach to public safety, today announced that it will be hosting a public forum in Miami, Florida to examine the city’s historic public safety successes and the strategies behind them.

An open discussion with Mayor Francis Suarez and Police Chief Manuel Morales, moderated by Ja’Ron Smith, head of the PSSA, will take place at the Red Rooster Overtown on Wednesday, May 24th, from 6 to 8 pm ET.

“We’re thrilled to host this critical conversation with Mayor Suarez and Chief Morales,” said Ja’Ron Smith, head of Public Safety Solutions for America and former advisor to President Trump. “Crime has increased in most major cities across the country in recent years, but Miami has bucked that trend. Our coalition is looking forward to learning more about the strategies employed by the city’s local leaders so we can better help communities across the country achieve the same success.”

The forum is part of the PSSA’s ten-stop national tour, the goal of which is to learn about bottom-up public safety solutions from local law enforcement, elected officials, and community groups in different cities, and to engage with them on the PSSA’s unique smart-on-crime platform.

“We’re honored to host Public Safety Solutions for America in Miami,” said Mayor Francis Suarez. “Our city is currently experiencing its lowest per capita homicide rate since 1964 thanks to the smart and locally tailored policies we’ve adopted with the support of Chief Morales. We’re excited to share what we have learned with Ja’Ron and the PSSA, and to continue our partnership with the coalition to help make communities across the country safer.”

The PSSA advocates for a smart-on-crime platform based on the following four core principles:

  • Properly fund the police 
  • Focus police time and resources on preventing and solving serious crime 
  • Implement evidence-based policies that reduce violent crime 
  • Build upon existing smart-on-crime policies  

“Miami is proud to be leading the way on public safety,” said Chief Morales. “Smart-on-crime policies, including those that provide police departments with proper funding and support, work. It’s a privilege to share our evidence-based strategies for reducing violent crime with national criminal justice leaders – partnerships like these are critical for reducing violent crime in communities across the country.”

This event is open to the media. To attend, please RSVP by contacting Kirby Eule at

To learn more about Public Safety Solutions for America, visit


About the Public Safety Solutions for America:   

Public Safety Solutions for America is a coalition that brings together nonprofit organizations, criminal justice experts, and city leaders to reduce violent crime with comprehensive, proven measures. The coalition seeks to elevate evidence-based public safety solutions to reduce recidivism, create pathways for redemption, and uphold accountability. It provides a smart-on-crime approach that engages the community, ensuring that law enforcement has the resources, appropriate mission, and training to focus on effectively reducing violent crime. 


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