National Drive Electric Week – FPL Installing 1,000+ EV Charging Ports in Florida

It’s National Drive Electric Week, and electric vehicle drivers in our community have a lot to get charged up about. EVs are gaining popularity, and it’s estimated that by 2030 one in four cars sold will be electric. Florida currently ranks second in the nation for EV registrations.

EVs are not just fun to drive, but they are better for the environment and less expensive to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. With federal and local financial incentives and more charging options on the road, it’s easier than ever to make the switch to an EV.

Now, Florida Power & Light Company wants to make it even more convenient for drivers to go electric with the FPL EVolution program. Designed to bolster range confidence and encourage EV adoption, the program is installing more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging ports throughout Florida. The initiative will increase availability of universal charging ports by 50%.

Included in the FPL charging network is a series of fast chargers capable of powering up most batteries – including Teslas with an adaptor – in about 30 minutes. The fast charging stations are located approximately every 50 miles along an 800-mile stretch of Florida’s major highways and corridors.

In our viewing area, the FPL EVolution program has recently added 20 charging locations, including fast chargers at the Pompano Beach Service Plaza on Florida’s Turnpike. More locations are scheduled to open in the near future.

To find charging locations throughout the state, drivers can visit or download the FPL EVolution app for free. The app will route drivers to charging locations and help them find nearby amenities to enjoy while they power up.

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