National Tour of Latina Expo and Latino Family Health Equity Fiesta to Take Center Stage at Florida National University

Excitement is building as Florida National University prepares to host the National Tour of the Latina Expo and the Latino Family Health Equity Fiesta Tour simultaneously on Wednesday and Thursday, February 7 & 8, 2024. This two-day extravaganza promises to be an event like no other, bringing together the vibrant and diverse Latina community in a celebration of empowerment, health, and culture.


Florida National University campus, located at 4425 W. Jose Regueiro (20th) Avenue, Hialeah,
Florida, will be the epicenter of this groundbreaking event, providing the perfect backdrop for
an unforgettable experience.

Latina Expo: Empowering Latina Worldwide

Latina Expo stands as a shining beacon, skillfully fostering an environment that not only
encourages but also nurtures growth and development. With a deep commitment to inspiring,
uplifting, and empowering Latinas worldwide, this event will feature a myriad of strategies to
help women thrive in various aspects of their lives. Highlights of the Latina Expo include:

Empowerment Workshops: Engaging sessions led by renowned speakers and experts to
provide guidance on personal and professional growth, leadership, and
• Networking Opportunities: A platform for Latinas to connect, share ideas, and build
lasting relationships.
• Health and Wellness Initiatives: Promoting physical and mental well-being with
activities such as yoga, meditation, and wellness seminars.
• Fashion and Beauty Exhibitions: Showcasing the latest trends in Latina fashion and
beauty, with opportunities to explore and shop for unique products.

Latino Family Health Equity Fiesta: Promoting Health and Unity.
Running alongside Latina Expo, the Latino Family Health Equity Fiesta will emphasize the
importance of health and unity within Latino families. The segment of the event will feature:
Health Screenings: Access to crucial health screening and information to improve the well-being
of Latino families.

Educational Workshops: Informative sessions on nutrition, fitness, mental health, and family

Join the Celebration

The National Tour of the Latina Expo and the Latino Family Heath Equity Fiesta tour is a unique
opportunity to celebrate the strength, resilience, and unity of the Latino community. Whether
you are seeking a personal growth, health, and wellness information, or simply a vibrant cultural
experience, this event promises something for everyone.

Save the dates – Wednesday and Thursday, February 7 & 8, 2024 – and join us at Florida
National University for an unforgettable celebration of Latina empowerment and family health
equity. Be part of the transformative experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact on all who

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, or more information about the event, please
contact Cesar Rolon – or 773-251-3329

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