New campaign to address stigmas surrounding affordable housing and engage voters to approve the Broward County Housing Trust Fund referendum

The Charter Review Commission has proposed a Broward County Affordable Housing Trust Fund as a special referendum issue in the November 2018 General Election.  The Trust Fund’s purpose is to provide a continuing fund for the Broward County Commission to use to create and sustain affordable housing for Broward County renters and homeowners.  

To create awareness about the Housing Trust Fund Referendum, the Coordinating Council of Broward (CCB) has launched the ‘Affordable HoUSing (Affects): You. Me. Us.’ Campaign, which aims to eliminate the incorrect perceptions surrounding affordable housing and engage businesses, municipalities, and voters.  The campaign is funded in part through a grant awarded by the Health Foundation of South Florida. 

South Florida continues to be the most cost-burdened metro region in the nation, with over half of Broward residents spending more than 30% of their monthly income on housing expenses.  More than 44% of Broward County residents represent ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed), families that earn more than the poverty level but less than the basic cost of living in Broward.

There is a growing recognition of the important link between an adequate affordable housing supply and economic growth. The escalating housing prices are significantly impacting Broward County’s working families and households, including their ability to access food and health care, which has resulted in an increase in homelessness, and a lack of economic security and wellbeing.

Earlier this year, the Coordinating Council of Broward published ‘Housing Broward: An Inclusive Plan,’ a report detailing ideas and strategies vetted by a variety of stakeholders, including developers, residents, advocates, and municipal and business leaders. The plan outlines goals and actions to increase the supply of affordable housing for all Broward residents, such as the creation of a Broward County Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Housing trust funds are distinct funds established by city, county, or state governments that receive ongoing dedicated sources of public funding and leverage private investment to support the preservation and production of affordable housing.

“Housing that is affordable to households of all income levels is critical to economic success in Broward. We all want the best and brightest talent across our most valued industries and having an appropriate housing stock that reflects that is a key component in achieving that goal” says Sandra Veszi Einhorn, Executive Director of the Coordinating Council of Broward. “Our goal with this campaign is to help people understand what affordable housing means and why it’s important”.

To learn more about and to get involved in the ‘Affordable HoUSing (Affects): You. Me. Us.’ Campaign, visit or contact Sandra Veszi Einhorn, at (954) 507-7156 or

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The mission of the Coordinating Council of Broward (CCB) is to unite government, business and nonprofit leaders in advocacy and coordination of health and human services in Broward County.  The CCB is composed of the top executives of state and county entities from the public, private and business sectors, who are responsible for funding and implementing a broad array of health, public safety, education, economic and human services in Broward County. The Council’s goal is to better coordinate services and identify barriers that the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) population experience. ALICE represents 47% of Broward County residents. The CCB has identified housing as the most critical issue facing this population and is coordinating a unified voice in bringing forth solutions to address this crisis.  For more information please visit .

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