New patriotic parenting resource for american families: Primerrily, a digital community for parents and a resource to help parenting, has been launched. American patriots and citizens of character. Primerrily creates and cures ways to convey love, life, freedom and pursuit of happiness for children of preschool and elementary age.

Created by three moms in response to eroding school-based introductions to American civics, values, and culture, Primerrily offers guided conversations, creative activities, inspirational stories, and branded goods. Its mission – to inspire and support parents to raise their children with character-building virtues and foundational American values — is for all who wish to see America’s next generation stand for and conserve our nation’s founding ideals.

Co-founder Britt Riner shared, “We started Primerrily because we want to teach our own children an affection for country, appreciation for tradition, and respect for the individual. Being open about our parenting approaches, we realized we’re not alone in this goal. We would hear friends’ concerns about schools, books, and communities ignoring American civics — even espousing anti-American ideas. We recognized a need for parents to reclaim the primary responsibility for teaching our next generation about the values we hold dear. Many parents want to do this, and just need some inspiration to begin. Enter Primerrily!”

Addressing U.S. history, timely issues, and timeless values, Primerrily shares pertinent discussion guides and activities, as well as recommended books and products. Primarily celebrates and integrates big ideas like freedom, equality, patriotism, sacrifice, and duty with young minds. For example:


  • On Values & Virtues:
  • ○ Parents: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Join Us on the Front Porch
  • ○ Want kids with Grit? Take This Advice from George Washington
  • ○ [W]E PLURIBUS UNUM! (Yes, even in an election year)


  • On National Holidays:
  • ○ No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Labor Day and the Value of Work
  • ○ 6 Ways to Celebrate Constitution Day with Your Kids


  • On Current Events:
  • ○ How We Talk to Our Kids About Race
  • ○ If Your Candidate Loses: a Family Conversation Guide
  • On Kids’ Books:
  • ○ Primerrily Bookshelf Spotlight: Growing Patriots Book Series
  • ○ Reading to Remember: Books for September 11th


  • In the Shop:
  • ○ Shirts with messages in support for our military, first responders, and essential workers
  • ○ Costumes for Halloween inspired by American history
  • ○ Toys and crafts to learn about what makes our country exceptional


Co-founder Alli Pillinger Choi added, “Like the hopes and dreams we envision for our kids, we see so much potential in what lies ahead with Primerrily. This is our labor of love, because it is a love for our kids and a love for America.” As third co-founder Rachel Gerli sums, “We believe that if you can change a generation, you can change the world.”

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Primerrily, a digital resource for patriotic families, inspires and supports parents to raise their children with characterbuilding virtues and foundational American values. Co-founding mom trio Alli Pillinger Choi, Britt Riner, and Rachel Gerli, along with a team of contributors, curate and create practical, fresh parenting resources — including discussion guides, creative activities, and authentic experiences. Primerrily builds community around traditional values through modern parenting via its website, shop, and social network.


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