State Farm Sows into Homeless Education

The Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Rescue Caring Place Centers was awarded a $5,000 State Farm® education grant to support The Career Employment Services (CES) program. This program helps provide skills for job readiness to the formerly homeless at The Caring Place.


This special adult education training is provided to homeless individuals who entered our programs. Many have not held a consistent job for a long time or who have an inconsistent work history. Residential students work on many aspects of the Regeneration Program and CES is the final educational part of that program.

This program helps individuals target a 9th grade level for reading, writing and math skills. Career Employment Services (CES)  consists of a six to 8 week final education stage. Activities include: resume development, job seeking skills, application submission, interviewing skills, dress for success, conflict resolution, and how to advance in the job market. An important component is a week of budgeting classes that provide basic skills and how to better manage income once a job is secured.

A majority of the students face very difficult financial challenges. Some owe child support and have past due court fines or credit card balances. Many have severe credit issues. These credit issues are addressed because future housing and work may be dependent on resolving these issues.

Students also are assisted with finding employment. The Jeffrey A. Tew Education Center has developed some key relations with area businesses as well as The Caring Place hires some of our graduates. 30% – 40% of our staff are past graduates of our programs. Six months of follow up are provided to those that gain employment.

The Caring Place is grateful to State Farm for their educational grant. State Farm also continues to support The Caring Place in holding multiple clothing, food, and hygiene drives benefitting the homeless in both Broward and Miami- Dade Counties. This is the seventeenth year State Farm has partnered with us. The collected items are used at many of our outreach events and given to those in the greatest of need.

“It is such a blessing to receive this grant support from State Farm again. Education is a key component in helping someone get back on track and live an empowered life,” said Marilyn Brummitt, Vice President of Development. “Many people come to our centers and to our street outreaches feeling hopeless, helpless and defeated, but receiving the education and the specialized counseling plus so much more helps those same people get a hand up back into society”.

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About the Miami Rescue Mission & Broward Outreach Centers: The Since 1922 The Caring Place at  Miami Rescue Mission | Broward Outreach Centers (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) continues to serve the homeless and needy men, women, and children of South Florida. Our organization provides food, shelter, clothing, education, job training, spiritual direction, health services, youth programs, housing, and long-term rehabilitation programs in Miami and Hollywood to nearly 1,000 homeless on a daily basis. This is all done with Christian compassion and encouragement.

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