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By Jess Pennartz

The Swan Market is a well-known lifestyle market in The Netherlands and Belgium. This edition was organized in an old factory called Van Nelle, in the city of Rotterdam, which offers a big space for the artists and stand-owners to show their work or service. The space is clean, bright and crowded, there’s music playing in the background and the atmosphere is cozy and fun.

Sparkles handmade jewelry

Sparkles handmade jewelry

The concept of this lifestyle market is offering a big diversity of products (homemade, unique products) to the visitors, all under the same roof, creating a platform for designers, crafters, bakers and artists. Handmade jewelry, vintage items, plants, food, baked goods, accessories and fashion is offered at the Swan Market. There is plenty of choice no matter what the visitors’ preferences are, young and old are welcome.

The visitor pays a €2 entrance ticket which is valid the whole day, for the activities offered inside the factory but outside as well. Inside, the visitor can find a lot of different stands selling all types of unique items. Some of them are very catchy and colorful, like Fuuki, an unique imprint of a bunny on tote bags, sweaters and t-shirts portrayed in different colors and characters. Fun fact: Fuuki was created during a trip to Australia! 

kuuki SWAN

Gijs Scholten at the stand of Fuuki

Some of the most crowded and busy stands where the ones that sold plants, especially cacti! These beautiful and trendy plants come in all sizes making them instant eye-catchers. Pure Poetryspecialized in handmade & vintage accessories, offered incredible Macrame plant hangers which serve as house décor.

Pure Poetry: Vintage & Handmade Treasures

Pure Poetry: Vintage & Handmade Treasures

Another thing that gets the visitors attention are the different food stands, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food? The visitor is flooded with options: sweet, salty, warm and cold. There was a small food court inside with a sitting area and live music. Chilean empanadas, soup, cake, hummus and bread.. you could get it all. Even the famous Dutch stroopwaffles, which were made right in front of your eyes. The amazing duo from Koffie Blond  were in charge of this huge and delicious responsibility. Their stand was busy, all the time.

koffie blond SWAN

Outside, on the other hand, you could find the “fast food” meals: tacos, fries, hamburgers, pancakes. In between all the food trucks, there was a big black truck that stood out, not only because of its appearance but because it offered vegetarian and healthy eating options with the use of only biological products and ingredients. Puzzles Food Truck offers juices, smoothies, falafels but also carrot cake. How awesome is that?

puzzles SWAN

Puzzles Food Truck

The Swan Market offers something for every visitor, even for the little ones. Other editions of the event are held in Utrecht, The Hague and Antwerpen (Belgium) and are worth the visit.

Upcoming dates:

March 28, Museum Park – Rotterdam

April 3, Kerkplein – The Hague

April 10, Vredenburg – Utrecht

April 17, Museum Park – Rotterdam

For more info you can visit  and Facebook page here .

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