The Avocado Show: it’s all about the avocado!

By: Jess Pennartz

To all the avocado lovers out there, our prayers have been answered: the first avocado-themed restaurant in Europe opened in Amsterdam!

“What is something that everyone likes but you can’t get that easily in a restaurant?”

Ron Simpson, the owner, started thinking of commencing a restaurant with an alternative menu, something that wasn’t common in Amsterdam or even in Europe but that everyone would love and then suddenly one day, the idea came to him while he was eating (yes, you guessed it): avocados!

Together with his best mates Jaimie van Heije and Julian Zaal, Ron developed the menu with chefs from all over the world.

As they say it on their website, they have “Breakfast, brunch, lunch, [late] dinner, delivery, take away and catering to satisfy all your avo cravings”. Now you’re thinking… what do they serve?
Well, they have avocado fries, burgers, salads, sandwiches, bowl and even avocado cake! Isn’t this just avolicious?

So to all you avocado lovers out there, my recommendation will be: book a ticket to Amsterdam, and while you’re on the plane start scrolling through their social media (@theavocadoshow) and picking what you would like to try but be warned: the choice is hard!

My suggestion goes to the avocado date cake, but I highly recommend to pick different things from the menu, especially if you are with a bigger group.

To all the people who are visiting Amsterdam, enjoy your meal and to all of you haven’t thought about it… what are you waiting for? This cool new restaurant is everything that an avocado lover can wish for! 

You can read more about the concept and check out the menu on
You won’t regret it.


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