9 Products Made in the USA to Snag this Summer

Nearly 60% of everything we buy is made overseas. Although it may seem like a rarity to find American-made products these days, they’re more common than you think. From beauty, home, to health and wellness, check out these 9 products we are loving right now, all proudly made in the USA.

A must for any wine lover! PureWine is the brand known for The WandTM, the unique filtration system that eliminates histamines and sulfites, the culprits causing headaches and other wine sensitivities, without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites. The ever-popular individual filter recently introduced four different Charm Wands. The end handle designs twist off and attach to any wine glass. wist-off charms include hearts, lucky clovers, wine drops and diamonds. For more practical wine accessories, PureWine also offers a filter/aerator system, The WaveTM, for entire wine bottles.

Price: $9.99+


The Spatty

Indulge in every last drop of your fave beauty product or most delicious bbq sauce in the fridge. There’s nothing more irritating than not being able to empty out those jars and bottles. Think of the money and product wasted! The Spatty is here to make sure you get every last ounce. Think of a kitchen rubber scraper, but with a smaller, more contoured design to get into those hard to reach areas of an almost-empty container. The Spatty comes in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes and in four different collections: Beauty and Bath, Kitchen, Crafting and Home and Auto.

 Price: $6.49 – $9.99

The Dearest Grey

The oh-so-chic brand offers modern baby products designed by a Mama herself! Catch bibs, pacifiers and assorted dinnerware are just a few of the brand’s most snag-worthy essentials every Mom in the know is stocking in her diaper bag.

Price: Varies




Pure Inventions

What if we told you glowing skin was as easy as turning your water into a berry lemonade? These much buzzed about (and absolutely delish) drops contain skin-loving ingredients Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to help your skin be the best it can be. Pure Inventions make the line of liquid extracts once known for spa and resort exclusivity and promotes beauty and wellness from within. Now when life gives you lemons, you can drink your way to beautiful skin instead! Fun fact: all packaging is eco-friendly!

Price: $20.99

Plum Paper

Plan your every day, YOUR way. The planners from Plum Paper handmade from start to finish in San Diego and are entirely customizable. Yes, you can pick your own cover from a myriad of gorgeous designs and prints. Yes, you can add a cute photo, favorite quote, or monogram. But the personalization doesn’t stop there, oh no my friend, we’re just getting started! With customizable layouts to choose from, you can create a planner that mirrors your needs and lifestyle. Why force a generic planner to work for you, when you deserve a planner that is intuitive to your needs and will maximize your time?! Imagine having a designated space in your planner for what matters to you most – a space for your kids, work schedule, class schedule, the list goes on and on.

Price: Varies


Available on Amazon

We all want the best for our kids, and when it comes to keeping them healthy, we want to make sure that means natural products that are free from artificial flavors, dyes, and sugar. JoySpring Vitamins is that brand – as their mission states, you shouldn’t have to choose between vitamins that do good and vitamins that are good for you. From flu to focus, the JoySpring line of natural remedies is here to help. Made in Utah.

Price: Varies


Indie Source Face Masks

In today’s world, health means wearing a face mask. This Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer pivoted immediately when Angelenos were told they had to wear face masks in public. The manufacturing company nimbly adjusted its production capabilities to construct and ship out fabric face masks to those in need. Currently, for every mask that is sold, one is donated to a Los Angeles based front line worker. Made in California.

Price: $16



Fabric Face Masks from SwaddleDesigns

SwaddleDesigns converted their Seattle-area baby blanket production facility to manufacture cloth masks. SwaddleDesigns offers two different cotton face masks, designed by Lynette Damir, RN. SwaddleDesigns is using cotton fabrics consistent with published studies and CDC recommendations. Their 2-layer 100% Cotton Flannel Masks are designed to filter airborne particles. The flannel is baby soft, lightweight and breathable. Features ear elastic and headband elastic for secure fit. Available in Adult Large, Medium size and Child size. Made in Washington.

Price: $9.99



Everyone knows it’s important to use sunscreen while playing outside! Kidskin, an affordable skincare line for preteens and teens, makes all their formulas in the USA including their popular SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen. Made with zinc oxide, red algae extract (a naturally powerful UV-absorbing substance), and other natural ingredients. UVA and UVB protection plus hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested. Kidskin daily sunscreen will take the guesswork out of finding a safe sunblock for the entire family! Check out their safe and effective acne and sensitive skincare products for all ages too.

Price: $19.99

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