Broward: Read for the Record Celebrates Early Literacy and Community Building

Today marks a special day in Broward County, as it joins a global movement to champion early literacy and foster community connections through the joy of reading. Broward: Read for the Record, an initiative supported by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County and Broward County Public Schools, is proud to celebrate the power of storytelling on this momentous day. This offshoot of Jumpstart’s Read for the Record Campaign is a worldwide effort that emphasizes the critical significance of early literacy and the need for greater access to high-quality children’s books. On this day, millions of adults and children across the globe come together to read the same book, forging intergenerational bonds through the shared experience of reading.

This year’s chosen book is “With Lots of Love,” written by Jenny Torres Sanchez and beautifully
illustrated by André Ceolin. Published by Penguin Young Readers, this heartwarming story
revolves around a family’s journey to maintain connections and share love across distances, a
theme that resonates deeply with many families today.
Volunteers are the lifeblood of this initiative, and the event calls on the community to step forward. Numerous special guests and dignitaries will be reading to children throughout the day.
Individuals are dedicating their time and lending their voices to inspire young minds and reinforce the value of literacy in our community. Volunteers will be reading “With Lots of Love” in childcare centers and elementary schools across Broward County, reaching an impressive 40,000 students in 500 VPK centers, 225 schools, and 1,500 classrooms.

The Children’s Services Council of Broward County is an independent taxing authority
established by a public referendum on September 5, 2000, and reauthorized on November 4,
2014, which, through Public Act, Chapter 2000-461 of the laws of Florida, authorizes the Council
to levy up to 0.5 mills of property taxes. The role of the Council is to provide the leadership,
advocacy, and resources necessary to enhance children’s lives and empower them to become
responsible, productive adults through collaborative planning and funding of a continuum of
quality care.


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