Gayo Azul Sponsors Burger Beast’s Epic 15th Blogiversary Scavenger Hunt & Popup!

The renowned Hispanic cheesemaker with a Dutch influence, Gayo Azul®, proudly announces its role as the official sponsor of the highly anticipated Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt and Burger Popup. Taking place on Sunday, September 10th, commencing at 12 PM sharp, this engaging Scavenger Hunt marks a special occasion, celebrating the 15th Blogiversary of Burger Beast. The event unfolds in the vibrant culinary landscape of Westchester, Florida, an iconic district adorned with Miami’s most cherished gastronomic landmarks. Easily accessible via the Bird Road – West exit on the Palmetto Expressway when headed South.

The Burger Beast Scavenger Hunt extends a warm welcome to all, encouraging participation either solo or as a team of up to five members. Tickets are available for purchase at $20 per person, and can be secured through this link:

Kicking off and culminating at the Mojo Donuts location at 8870 SW 40th Street, participants will receive comprehensive event details. A delightful gift bag awaits all participants, with a grand prize poised to reward one lucky winner for their efforts – an enticing grand prize package that notably features $150 worth of Gayo Azul Cheese among other rewards.

Simultaneously, from 11 AM to 4 PM, the Mojo Donuts venue will host the Cruz Diablo Burger Popup, showcasing the delectable El Hijo de la Gran Frita enhanced with Gayo Azul Gouda Cheese.

Attendees are cordially invited to savor the El Hijo de la Gran Frita Burger enriched with Gayo Azul Gouda Cheese at the Burger Popup. Gayo Azul stands as a hallmark of excellence, crafting fresh cheese from cow’s milk, boasting a firm texture and a subtly salty, mild flavor profile. Renowned for its high melting point, the cheese’s alluring consistency softens upon cooking. Gayo Azul boasts a distinctive approach to cheesemaking, merging Dutch and Hispanic traditions, a legacy that traces back to the 1950s in the Caribbean, where Dutch cheeses quickly gained acclaim. With decades of evolution and innovation, Gayo Azul offers an array of cheeses that has found its place in kitchens across generations.

Gayo Azul cheese varieties are conveniently available in diverse offerings, including:

– Cotija: A firm and crumbly Mexican aged cow’s milk cheese with a sharp, slightly salty flavor, perfect for enchiladas, tacos, and street corn toppings.

– Dutch Edam: A firmer cousin of Gouda, with a rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture, ideal for cheeseboards, baking dishes, and salads.

– European Swiss: A semi-firm cheese boasting a sweet, nutty taste and iconic round holes, suitable for burgers, cold, and grilled sandwiches.

-Queso Blanco: A fresh, white cow’s milk cheese with a slightly salty and mild flavor. Its young age creates an irresistibly creamy, yet crumbly texture that holds shape well, making it ideal for grilling.

– Queso Para Freir: A fresh, white cow’s milk cheese with a slightly salty, mild flavor, known for its higher melting point, perfect for frying, sandwiches, and baked dishes.

Whether enhancing a dish or elevating a sandwich, Gayo Azul® promises to captivate any palate. Find Gayo Azul cheeses in various sizes at local retailers such as BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, Fresco Y Mas, Key Foods, Market Basket, Presidente, Publix, Sedano’s, Sam’s Club, and Winn Dixie Supermarkets.

“We are thrilled to join forces with our loyal Miami fans and celebrate this remarkable Burger Beast Blogiversary extravaganza,” says Josh Rosen, Brand Manager at FrieslandCampina. “Gayo Azul has been a constant companion in kitchens for years, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating together.”

Burger Beast, the visionary behind the event, shares his excitement, “We are delighted to have Gayo Azul as an official sponsor of this year’s 15th Burger Beast Blogiversary. With Gayo Azul’s heritage deeply rooted in Miami, we’re excited to share this partnership with our Cheese Loving community.”

To delve deeper into the world of Gayo Azul’s cheeses, explore product availability, and unearth new culinary inspirations, visit, or connect with the brand on Facebook (@gayoazulcheese) and Instagram (@gayo_azul_cheese).

For more insights into the Burger Beast phenomenon, visit Burger Beast, or Sef Gonzalez, is a revered food blogger, writer, and influencer hailing from Miami, Florida. He rose to prominence through his captivating blog and impactful social media presence, where he celebrates his passion for burgers and comfort cuisine.

Sef Gonzalez launched his food blog, “Burger Beast,” in 2008, spotlighting local burger joints and comfort food havens. His insatiable appetite for burgers and culinary exploration swiftly garnered a dedicated following. The blog expanded its scope to encompass food trucks, pop-up events, and an array of food-related subjects, cementing Sef Gonzalez as a distinguished figure in Miami’s thriving food landscape.

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