In 2022, Ecuador Will Launch New Nomad Visa for Foreigner Remote Workers, Aiding in Local Economic Reactivation

Ecuador announced that in 2022, it will launch a new Nomad Visa (Visa de Nómada), aimed at attracting foreign remote workers to the South American country. Through this new program, foreigners will be allowed to stay in mainland Ecuador for up to 24 consecutive months, facilitating simultaneous remote work, travel, and economic benefits. As the first South American country to offer this opportunity to foreign nationals, Ecuador counts on its incredible natural tourism offering, political and economic stability, and safety to revive key economic sectors.

This visa will be available to foreign nationals that complete the following requirements:

Prove a monthly salary of USD$1,200 or higher.

Demonstrate that the visa applicant works or provides services for an employer, client, or foreign company, based in a foreign country, to carry out autonomous or dependent professional activities remotely, digitally, or through teleworking.

Anyone who presents documentation that proves that they own a company or company registered and based abroad.

This announcement comes at a time when Ecuador is even easier to visit, with 14 global airlines flying directly to the country’s international airports in Quito and Guayaquil. Currently, seven U.S. cities offer daily direct flights, while there are 18 weekly direct flights between Europe and Ecuador.

The creation of this visa falls in line with President Guillermo Lasso’s larger strategy to revitalize Ecuador’s economy. Together with the Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen Peet, the administration is looking towards tourism and investment as key tools for an economic revival.

“I’m thrilled to open Ecuador’s doors and embrace the wave of remote workers looking to experience our country. We offer something for every type of traveler including access to world-class adventure, nature, culture, and gastronomy, along with advanced communication systems, making mainland Ecuador an ideal base for digital nomads,” explains Minister of Tourism Niels Olsen Peet. “By welcoming foreign capital into the country, it provides economic benefits across all sectors of society. I’m proud of this accomplishment for the Lasso administration and look forward to bringing the world to Ecuador and sharing Ecuador with the world in 2022.”

While living in continental Ecuador, digital nomads will have access to some of the world’s top wildlife and biodiversity. Throughout the four regions of the country, namely the Pacific Coast, Amazon, Andes, and Galapagos Islands, there are 63 protected areas, and 8% of the planet’s animal species. Roughly 18% of the world’s species of birds (1,699) can be found soaring the Ecuadorian skies. Throughout Ecuadorian jungles, travelers can find 10% of all the world’s species of flowering plants, including more orchids than anywhere else.

There are more than 120,000 square kilometers of Amazon jungle, or nearly 75,000 square miles, and Ecuador has 50 mountains within the Andes range, including Chimborazo at 6,310 meters, or nearly 20,000 feet, high, and the closest point to the sun on Earth. Residents within the country’s mountainous regions also literally enjoy life in the clouds, even in Quito, where a shrouding mist gives the impression of floating within a dream state.

Digital nomads will be able to visit the Galapagos Islands, but their visa will only cover extended-stays in mainland Ecuador. As a natural sanctuary and open-air museum for spectacular flora and fauna like seals, penguins, and tortoises, the islands are sure to enchant every type of traveler.

Whether seeking adventure, nature, culture, gastronomy, or a stable internet connection, Ecuador has something for everyone. With the creation of this new visa, remote workers from around the world will be able to discover four worlds in one destination.


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