Ponte de buen humor este mayo con Van Gogh Immersive Miami

Here’s a way you can jumpstart some positive vibes in Miami: By immersing yourself in Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, which features some of the artist’s most famous paintings like Almond Blossoms, Fishing in Spring, and other iconic paintings like flowering orchard, sunflowers and irises. Changing your mindset and environment can help elevate mood, and ironically from an artist who suffered severe undiagnosed mental problems before taking his own life. 

Five Spring Paintings to Spot at Van Gogh Immersive Experience:
    • Almond Blossoms
    • Fishing in Spring
    • Sunflowers
    • Irises 
    • Flowering Orchid

Health Benefits of Returning to Van Gogh: 
    • Studies show that when people play familiar content, they know what to expect. In the current environment, where there’s so much uncertainty around, we retreat to something familiar because it’s reliable and reassuring and can be calming.
    • Repeated or familiar content we enjoy can arouse those positive feelings and can become a way of quickly “switching off” from work, school or other stresses.
    • In stressful times, our brains and bodies’ desire comfort and one of the places we find comfort is in entertainment we have consumed previously.


John Zaller is the executive producer of Exhibition Hub, a curator and distributor of world-renowned immersive exhibitions. He has honed his unique skills of production, visual art and set design for more than 25 years while working in the museum, entertainment, retail, and attractions/theme parks industries through his own immersive design firm, KRE8 360, that specializes in creating story-driven, traveling immersion experiences. He has contributed to creating and overseeing multiple immersive experiential environments including: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition; Jurassic World: The Exhibition; Bodies the Exhibition; Star Trek: The Exhibition; and the Themed Entertainment Association’s Thea award-winning experience at the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. Most recently, Zaller has been credited for his contributions and skillful expertise on Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, which was named the 2021 best immersive experience by USA Today and among the 12 best immersive experiences in the world by CNN. He has been working with Exhibition Hub for more than a decade and is responsible for the implementation of all Exhibition Hub properties in the United States.

To purchase tickets, click on this link: https://vangoghexpo.com/miami/


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