Hello Computer Inc. Powers Ahead on its Mission to End Illiteracy on a Global Scale

Social purpose company, Hello Computer, Inc. is reflecting back on 2021, its first year in business after winning two Ed Tech awards for their newly launched, children’s Mobile App, StoryTime. “Winning two awards in our first six months was such validation that unique, educational tools and resources are much needed on a global scale,” says Rossana Jeran, Co-Founder and CEO of the company.

StoryTime was created by Co-Founder and Developer Christopher Taylor as a revolutionary digital tool to teach and inspire children all over the world, despite limitation, geographic location or internet access, to be passionate about reading with never-ending story content and app features that inspire literacy.

StoryTime’s ED Tech awards include a Go Global Top Placer Award from the International Trade Council in Washington, DC. and a Corporate Vision (UK) Education and Training Award for the “Most Unique Educational Children’s Mobile App”.

The StoryTime mobile app is still in development for iOS, but available now as a free download for Android devices from the Google Playstore at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hellocomputer.storytime.

This unique, “edutainment” style app helps early readers read by providing never ending story content.  Tracing shapes, letters and numbers right on the mobile device allows preschool and Kindergarten age children to explore writing fundamentals from an early age.

StoryTime also encourages fun with activities such as Silly Sounds, Silly Sentences and Flash Cards. Most importantly, StoryTime strives to impart problem-solving skills, improve comprehension, augment vocabulary, promote reading and writing, inspire creativity, imagination and a love of language. Features like Wordless Picture Book, Jokes, Educational Games and Puzzles, including Relaxing Quiet/Sleepy Time Sounds and Yoga make this app truly one of a kind. There is even a built-in piano that teaches children how to play simple nursery rhymes.

Going forward Hello Computer, Inc. will continue its mission for world literacy by forming strategic partnerships with schools, educational institutions and libraries, especially those in underserved communities and developing nations who are without internet access or in need of educational tools. These programs may apply for a Free license to use StoryTime in their classrooms and programs on mobile devices.

Hello Computer, Inc.’s first strategic partner, Higher Education, Equality and Diversity Educator, Shehrevar Davierwala specializes in international partnerships across the globe that encompass cultural and academic workshops as well as intercultural events for people in Afro-Asian countries and the Gulf region.

“We look forward to working with Shehrevar and other strategic partners to bring literacy and imagination to children globally” says Jeran.  “Literacy and imagination are human rights”.

About Hello Computer, Inc.: Hello Computer, Inc. is a social-purpose company and the creators of the StoryTime mobile app. Founded in 2020 and headed by Rossana Jeran, its children’s Mobile App, StoryTime has been downloaded many times over and awarded internationally twice in the last 12 months.

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