Kids Help their Parents Stay Safe on the Highway

State Farm has awarded a $15,000 grant to the Humanity Project’s acclaimed “I Care” program which brings kids a variety of unique art projects, music and videos as well as age-appropriate discussions on the theme of “respect on the roads.” The program teaches young children to expand their understanding of respect for all people to include respectful, attentive driving. After gaining a deeper understanding of the concept of respect, students learn why this same idea is so important on the highways — and how they can help their parents or caregivers to appreciate this reality. 
Working under the Humanity Project, teen authors first wrote a book called, “I Care/Just Let Me Drive”. This innovative teen-to-teen creation formed the foundation of the program. “I Care!” uses all original rap poetry, quizzes, stories, and even a comic book as a fun but powerful way to communicate memorable lessons about safe driving. The “I Care!” program now includes also includes original videos, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram pages.
Evidence proves children influence the driving behavior of their parents. Especially young children. “Kids Say ‘I Care!'” seizes on the Humanity Project’s ongoing work with elementary age kids to enlist them also in the battle against distracted driving.
The program is funded by a generous grant from State Farm, which helped create the Humanity Project “I Care” driver safety program in 2012 — and has funded this program each year since. These collaborations include an innovative free website for parents of teen drivers: (“The Humanity Project 4 Parents”).

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